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Time to rethink

2010-04-22 23:16:59 by Protomix

With school being what it is, I've decided to put my bigger projects on hiatus. What I want now is for you, the people of newgrounds, to leave me interesting requests for short animations. I'll credit the user whose idea i choose. TY

I've been busy

2010-04-09 23:03:10 by Protomix

I know i promised some animations, but as it turns out, school is a huge time drain. I promise I'll find some time to upload.

It Happened!

2010-02-11 18:04:30 by Protomix

I finally got a new computer (a fantastic piece by the way, totally incredible) so expect some animations up soon!


2010-01-21 18:53:46 by Protomix

so im in the process of getting a new computer, and i should have my videos up in a month or so. Ive actually got some prospects that, given time could become as popular as bitey of brackenwood. Excuse me if that sounds egotistical, but it is pretty good

Son of a bitch.

2009-12-29 21:09:00 by Protomix

I finally finished a couple of decent animations, and I cant post them because my SPITFUCK LAPTOP wont work. O well... i no this comment doesnt matter to anyone since i havent posted any content, but i do think i could get a decent score out of these. So please, no random haters.


2009-01-25 15:36:50 by Protomix

I will get around to posting my animations