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Entry #6

Time to rethink

2010-04-22 23:16:59 by Protomix

With school being what it is, I've decided to put my bigger projects on hiatus. What I want now is for you, the people of newgrounds, to leave me interesting requests for short animations. I'll credit the user whose idea i choose. TY


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2010-04-22 23:37:05

A quickie about lolcats attacking newgrounds servers and Bills ducks defend and thwart the attempt all while listening to some mozart or bach.
ducks could be represented as such
hot male html
nerdy calculator carrying PHP
coffee drinker JavaScript
janitor AJAX
had this one in my head for a while.
lolcats optional
artistic license approved

Protomix responds:

wow, not bad. i'll wait to see other ideas, but thats a good idea